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J.R Boat Services offer one of the most thorough winter maintenance schedules around. We go beyond standard guidelines and offer a service that is second to none. During a winterisation, an engineer will:

  • Run the engine(s) up to working temperature using fresh water.

  • Drain down the engine(s) and then run again using a certified antifreeze solution.

  • Slacken the belts.

  • Test any water inlets / seacocks.

  • Run a food safe anti-freeze mix through the vessel fresh water system.

  • Remove the battery connections and remove battery, charge in our workshop and store in a warm, dry location.

  • Lubricate the engine.

  • Dry out the bilge.

  • Check the bilge pump works.

  • Remove the bung (if stored ashore).

  • Give the systems a full check over and advise of any faults.

Winter maintenance is extremely important and should not be missed. Serious engine damage can occur due to failing to winterise the engine and the vessel correctly.

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