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Solé Generators

Solé Diesel marine generator sets are the perfect option for constant electricity supply needs, offering security and high quality. Available in three ranges depending on the RPM: 3000, 1500 and 1800. 1500 and 1800 RPM ranges offer 6 kva up to 180 kva of power. All their models offer single-phase or three-phase input and also an option to incorporate sound shield canopy. Besides, there are different options in kit format to customize the groups depending on their needs and application. Solé Diesel generators are compact, reliable, low-impact sound and long-lasting. You can discover the multiple possibilities we offer such as synchronization for parallel operation. Wide variety of models with Type Approval certification.

8 GT/GTC Solé Diesel Marine Generator

The 8 GT/GTC is a 6,30 kW - 7,80 kVA three phases marine generator set, assembled on a Mitsubishi block engine at 1.500 rpm and 50 Hz. It is available with an aluminium alloy sound shield (canopy) for a noiseless navigation for the most demanding sailors. This marine generator set is suitable for small commercial boats, which require a compact and powerful unit such as: fishing boats, passenger boats, tug boats, charter boats, etc.


45 GT/GTC Solé Diesel Marine Generator


The new marine generator set 45 GT/GTC is a 36,0 kW - 45,0 kVA three phases at 1500 rpm and 50 Hz gen set, assembled on Mitsubishi block. This output has been especially developed to satisfy the demand between 35 kVA (28 kW) and 48,9 kVA (39,2 kW). With a slightly larger size than its twin brother, the 35 GT/GTC, develops 10 kVA (8 kW) more. This marine generator set fits perfectly in those commercial boats which have a high electrical demand on restricted space.

Solé Diesel Marine Generator 165 GT/GTC

The marine generator set 165 GT/GTC is the newest in the Solé Diesel's range. This is a three phases marine generator set assembled on a 6 cylinder turbo intercooler DEUTZ engine block, that performs 132,0 kW - 165,0 kVA at 1500 rpm and 50 Hz. This is the heavy weight from Solé Diesel range, designed to face harsh conditions with a commercial boat. The 6 cylinder engine block allows long periods of non stopping in continuous duty operation. In addition, if we consider the sound shield (canopy) version, we get a marine generator set powerful and noiseless, which will bring you to a quiet navigation even on the most demanding conditions.

165 Sole
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