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A majestic creation.


Immerse yourself in a realm of unwavering reliability and limitless power with the extraordinary LuxeImperiale. A remarkable inverter that transcends boundaries, delivering impeccable performance. At PowerLuxe, we joyfully present an avant-garde solution for all your energy storage needs.

How it works

Unparalleled Energy Voyage with CANbus

Majestic Revelation by PowerLuxe. Enter a realm of reliability and boundless power with the illustrious LuxeImperiale. An exceptional inverter charger that transcends limits, offering flawless performance. At PowerLuxe, we proudly unveil a cutting-edge solution for your energy storage demands.

A Masterpiece by PowerLuxe

Unveil a new era of dependable power with the extraordinary LuxeImperiale. An impeccable inverter charger crafted to defy boundaries and ensure flawless performance. At PowerLuxe, we introduce a ground-breaking solution to meet your mobile power system demands. LuxeImperiale inverter charger, the pinnacle of efficiency and surge protection, caters to recreational, special purpose, and marine vehicles. The seamless transition between AC and DC systems, paired with CANbus communication integration, empowers advanced monitoring and interactive control. Engineered with precision, LuxeImperiale elevates performance even in the harshest conditions, thriving at temperatures up to 50°C without power loss or interruption.

How it works


CANbus communication.

Low THD ensures stable operations for sensitive loads.

MAX. 90A charge current for AGM/GEL/FLOODED/Lithium batteries.

High working temperature tolerance (-20~50°C) at 100% continuous output

Battery temperature compensation for cold environments.

Ultra-low idle consumption for energy savings.


AC input/output overcurrent protection.

AC input over/low voltage protection.

Battery over/low voltage protection.

Output overload protection.

Output short circuit protection.

Over temperature protection.

Low-frequency technology for inductive loads.

Auto charge with qualified AC input without activation.

Auto GEN start/stop.






Special Purpose Vehicle

Any Mobile Power System

Texting on Mobile Phone

Convenience and Sophistication

Access you PowerLuxe system, whenever, wherever.

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