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EHR - Battery Powered Generator

The EHR Battery Powered Generator is an energy storage and distribution system, which can operate independently, guaranteeing zero noise and emissions, and also can be integrated into power generation systems using diesel or gas generators and to connect to the grid or photovoltaic modules. The main goal of the EHR is to guarantee a higher energy efficiency and optimizing emissions and noise.

The battery power generator is reliable and robust. Its mobile rental canopy withstands extreme environmental conditions. The EHR guarantees a high performance in a wide range of temperatures from -15ºC to 45ºC. Its electrical and mechanical protections ensure user safety at all times. The EHR is ideal for urban, noise-sensitive environments and for buildings and events in metropolitan areas, telecommunications, rental units for low-load problems and renewable power storage.

EHR Power Generator

EHR is available in single-phase 10kVA and three-phase 15, 30 and 45kVA nominal power solutions, with two different storage capacity options per model (ratios of 1:1 and 1:2). This optimal configuration makes it possible to complete the battery charging process in less than 1.5 hours (ratio of 1:1). 


100% clean solution. Reduces your carbon footprint.


User-friendly interface designed by HIMOINSA to simplify your day-to-day work. HICORE, smart management system.


Ready to connect Plug&Play PV panels to the system. Including up to 8kW MPPT, we can integrate renewable energies into any working mode, increasing efficiency.


Smartphone APP (Remote configuration, maintenance & diagnostics) / WEB Portal / 3G/4G Remote Communication, Dual SIM Modem/Router. 


The mobile rental canopy withstands extreme environmental conditions and temperatures from -15ºC to 45ºC. The canopy has best-in-class primer and powder coating. Galvanised frame (optional). 


The design includes a lifting eye, skid frame with forklift pockets, anti-theft features and first contact point to avoid scratches on the canopy.

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